Please click ‘Create Account’ in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to our registration area where you can set up an account.

You can log in to your account at any time and update your details.

The most likely cause of this is an outstanding payment. You cannot book again if any fees are due. Login and go to your profile. You will be able to see any outstanding fees there. Once you have paid them you should be able to book another class.

All Instrumental Tuition, Recorders and Choir registrations are automatically renewed each term (unless you have told us you DO NOT want us to do this). So once you have signed up you don’t need to do anything else.

For all other classes - If you want your booking to automatically roll over to the next term (and to guarantee your place) then you can select the option auto-renew in your profile. This means that we will roll over your booking each term using the same payment methods you selected when you registered.

Alternatively you can book again each term. Please note we cannot guarantee places in clubs for this option.

If your club is full please click on the link that adds you to the waiting list. When we have 5 or more children on a waiting list for our after school clubs we will explore with school the possibility of adding in an extra teacher which allows us to take more children.

If anyone on a club that is full cancels their place we will contact people on the waiting list, in the order that they joined, and offer them the place.

You can come for a trial in any of our clubs or classes. Please contact us to arrange this.


You can opt to pay by Direct Debit or by Childcare Vouchers (if the chosen activity qualifies for payment vouchers). We offer flexible payment options and you can choose to pay in instalments. Direct Debit payments will be taken automatically as per the payment schedule you sign up to. Childcare Vouchers will need to be transferred to us by you.

Some classes can be paid for by installments. Options for this can be seen when you go to your basket at checkout..

If you want to know if you are due to pay or have an outstanding balance you can log in to your account at any time and all payment information can be found there.

We understand that sometimes things change and you may need to cancel your booking. You can cancel a class before term has started and before any payment has been taken at any time. Once classes have started and payment has been taken you can still have a refund but we charge £10 admin fee to cover our costs. To cancel a booking please contact us

Childcare Vouchers

We accept all childcare vouchers as well as the Government Tax Free vouchers. If you belong to a provider that we are not currently registered with, just let us know and we can join that scheme.

Our Ofsted number is EY500362.

You can use childcare vouchers to pay for after school clubs; holiday clubs and Saturday School.

Recorder and Instrument Tuition

Children will need a descant recorder and the ‘Recorder From The Beginning’ Book One by John Pitts. These are available to purchase from our online shop or you can buy them elsewhere.

Any equipment ordered through us before the start of any term will be delivered to the children’s first lesson. Equipment orders made during term time will be delivered as soon as possible to the children (we aim to get it to the next lesson). .

We recommend that children practise 2-3 times a week if possible. They will bring home a practise sheet to record when they have practised. We have a YouTube channel which has videos on sharing information about how to play the recorder; tips for practising etc.

All information about instrument hire can be found on the website. Go to the Instrument Tuition page located under Classes

We like to give the children lots of performance opportunities. We work with schools to arrange these - sometimes we perform as a stand alone concert and others as part of a school event. We will be in touch via email to inform you of any performances the children are taking part in.

Holiday Clubs

We normally take as many children that want to come on holiday clubs and just add in extra staff to keep ratios the same.

You can book right up until the day that the club is due to run.

Please send a packed lunch and plenty of snacks (nut free) and drinks. We have lots of breaks during the day to refuel.

If it is hot please apply suncream to your child before they come and send a hat.

Please send a coat as we always try to get fresh air even if it’s cold and wet.

Please send your child in clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in.

Yes all children must be toilet trained in advance of attending a holiday club. We do understand that sometimes accidents can happen so please pack spare clothes if your child has recently been toilet trained.

After School Clubs

They can do but it is not essential. Lots of children choose to change into something more comfortable for the club (like leggings/jogging bottoms/t-shirts). This happens in the first few minutes whilst our teacher is taking the register.

We suggest that the children bring a small snack (nut free) and a drink to the club (especially for the 2 hour clubs) as they do have an opportunity for snacks and refreshments (and we find they are all usually hungry at the end of the school day).

This varies between schools. We agree with schools the best way to collect children for our clubs. We send a register in to school with the names of all the children doing our club. This is shared with all class teachers. It is usually the case that for Reception/KS1 children that either we collect them from their classrooms or their teacher brings them to us. KS2 children normally meet us in the hall/designated area.

You don’t need to do anything. When our teachers arrive at school for a club they ask the office if anyone we are expecting is off school that day. If your child has been off school that day we know not to expect them at the club.

We understand that some weeks you might have other things on. If your child is in school but is not attending for any reason please let us know. You can do this by contacting us and we will let the teacher know that they are not attending. Otherwise we will ring you after registration just to check where your child is so we know they are safe.

In your profile you can add in the names of all people allowed to collect your child and our teacher will have access to this on their register. If someone not on this list is going to collect your child then please let us know in advance by contacting us