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Ofsted rate Rattle and Roll Performance as OUTSTANDING in all areas

By Katy Emmerson, September 10 2018

Happy Autumn Term everyone!

We’ve had a really exciting and busy Summer with all our holiday clubs and other performances we’ve done. But also our holiday provision has been inspected by Ofsted and judged to be OUTSTANDING in all areas.

We really are absolutely delighted with this. We’ve known that an inspection was due for a while and we’ve been anticipating the call (in an excited and nervous way). But one thing we just couldn’t wait to do – was to showcase our incredible team and their talents. We’ve known how good they are for years and as our holiday clubs have grown both in number and location, we know that lots of you agree.

The inspector was so impressed with what she saw. She said she had been doing Ofsted inspections since 1985 and never awarded outstanding in all areas to a holiday club before. She saw lots and lots of happy children having high quality educational structured time whilst also having lots and lots of fun

And that’s our vision. Happy safe children, learning and having fun. We want to provide guilt free childcare for parents – so that you can drop off your children and feel confident they’re having a great time while feeling safe and being nurtured.

It seems a long time ago that we ran our first holiday club together in West Bridgford for half a day as a trial. From October we plan to focus on growth in this area and run lots more holiday clubs around the East Midlands but also Nationwide.

We will continue to run both PERFORM and ACTIVE days to ensure there really is something for everyone. The PERFORM days (singing, dancing and drama) and ACTIVE days (sports and team challenges) are always based on the latest crazes so they appeal to the children. The Greatest Showman theme has been a big hit recently together with making slime; flossing and squishies.

Tutting is to appear as one of the themes for October half term. Tutting? Ask your children about that one

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Hope to see lots of you soon,

Nicky and Katy